Glynn Washington, host and creator of WNYC's Snap Judgment, on a job that was doomed from the start. 


culture ambassador

Listener Samantha Goldstein on being an observant Jew whose job is to preserve and uphold the values of the evangelical Christian battery company where she works. 


cheetahs, fleas, and bird's-eye berets

You probably know Mary Roach as the author of such Specialist-filled science books as Gulp, Stiff, and Packing for Mars. But like all of us, she had another life before her current one, and it involved fielding accusatory queries about unwell cheetahs. Photo by Jen Siska,


Digital missioner

Listener Kyle Oliver on coaching monks who use YouTube. "The joke is that you should never read the comments. You should read the comments on the videos that these monks put together." Like this one. And if you want to watch the rest of the video we excerpted in the piece — it's really beautiful — do that right here.

undercover in the bread factory

You may know Al Letson as host of the podcasts Reveal, State of the Re:Union, and Errthang. This is the story of the time he went undercover. 


Listener Amy Strauss describes her time overseeing a colony of flesh-eating beetles.